How is Early Intervention Implemented?


The EBS Early Intervention therapists will provide appropriate services in your child’s natural environment. Typically, this means that services will take place in your home, but it can also mean that services will take place in daycare or community settings. This will be determined by the parent and provider as a team and will be based on the needs of the child and the goals set forth in the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).

Success with early intervention depends on your participation in each session, as well as your incorporation of the strategies throughout daily routines. You are your child’s most important teacher, and it is essential that you are involved in the process for carryover of new skills.

At the end of each visit (whether in the home, daycare, or community), your EBS Early Intervention specialist will discuss and review the therapy session with you, offering suggestions and answering any questions you may have about the strategies introduced. During this time, you and your specialist will also plan the activities to take place during the next visit. Don't be afraid to ask questions or tell your provider if you are uncomfortable with any of the strategies or suggestions being presented.