After Early Intervention


As your child's third birthday approaches, your EBS Early Intervention team will provide support to help you understand and navigate this important transition. Your EBS EI team will meet with you to discuss the current skills and progress of your child. In addition, you will discuss the results of any formal or informal evaluation results as well. Your EBS EI team will then present recommendations regarding services for your child. Each child and family's experiences during this time are unique. Some children may transition to services in a preschool while services for others may be discontinued altogether. In addition, parents may seek out additional support through services found in a clinic or in other community-based locations.

If your child is struggling in a particular area, and you missed out on early intervention services, it is better to seek help earlier rather than later. By having an evaluation, you will learn a great deal about your child. If he or she needs specialized therapy services, the sooner a program is started, the sooner he or she can improve.

EBS has specialists available to provide clinic-based, school-based, or community-based services after the early intervention program has been completed by your child or if your child is too old to qualify for early intervention services. Contact an EBS specialist today for more information and how to being this process: 312-481-8388 or