Fequently Asked Questions

1. What is Early Intervention?

    • Early Intervention is a system of supports and services that help babies and toddlers with a disability or developmental delay, and their families. Each state has its own way of defining "developmental delay," and states vary somewhat in how they administer Early Intervention services. Early Intervention for infants and toddlers aged 0-3 is provided in every US state, under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Here is the list of services EBS Early Intervention offers:
      • ABA/Behavior Therapy
      • Child Psychology
      • Occupational Therapy
      • Physical Therapy
      • Special Instructors/Developmental Therapists
      • Speech and Language Therapy

2. When should I be concerned about my child's development? What signs should I be looking for?

    • If you become concerned that your baby or toddler is not developing according to typical "milestones," speak to your pediatrician or call your local Early Intervention office. The local Early Intervention office will make arrangements to evaluate your child in five areas of development: 

      • Cognitive development
      • Physical development, including vision and hearing
      • Communication development
      • Social or emotional development
      • Adaptive development

For additional information, please visit our page on Developmental Milestones.

3. How frequently will my child need services? How long is each session?

    • Should your child be found eligible for Early Intervention services, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) will be developed, and services will be provided according to your child and family's unique needs. The duration and frequency of EI sessions will be determined by the plan, according to state and local guidelines.

4. Can I observe my child's therapy sessions?

    • Parent participation is an integral part of the EBS Early Intervention philosophy! We encourage you not only to observe, but to be actively involved in your child's EI services in collaboration with the professionals on your child's EI team.

5. Will my insurance cover the cost of therapy?

    • Models of payment for Early Intervention vary from state to state. Should your child be found eligible for Early Intervention, your local EI agency will guide you as to how services may be funded.

6. Do you offer therapy services for when my child is out of the birth-three age range?

    • Yes! EBS provides a range of services for children from birth to age 21. Please contact us today to speak with one of our experienced Program Coordinators to learn more about the family of services we can offer for your child. 312-481-8388