"It is crucial that families of children with special needs feel they are not alone. Early intervention does not only positively impact the growth and development of the child, but also educates the families on how to provide ongoing facilitation of those skills."

Jill, SLP, EBS Early Intervention

"It has been a fabulous experience working with EBS Early Intervention. A solid, grounded and very honest organization, it really is very supportive of all its employees. In the past 5 years I have worked with them for school and EI assignments, I have been given a lot of flexibility in scheduling and opportunities for professional growth. An added asset is that they are very knowledgeable and have a very strong team working to handle Immigration related matters for all their International employees."

Gayatri, OT, EBS Early Intervention

"EBS makes being an SLP easier and more pleasant. Their mentoring and help in finding the right job environment for your unique needs and preferences are priceless."

Martha, SLP, EBS Early Intervention